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Reaction to Dan White Verdict / produced by the Fruit Punch Collective.

Published May 23, 1979

"This tape features man-on-the-street reactions to the verdict of the Dan White trial that culminated in the White Night riot of May 21, 1979. Over 10,000 people came out to San Francisco's Civic Center to protest the decision of the courts to convict the former supervisor on two counts of voluntary manslaughter, for which he would receive less than five years of jail time. The reactions of those interviewed range from mournful to livid, with some calling for the total destruction of City Hall. Cries of ""Gay people, fight back!"", ""Remember Harvey Milk!"", ""We want justice!"" and ""Murder!"" resonate throughout the recording. Cleve Jones, Sally Gearhart and Amber Hollibaugh all spoke through bullhorns to the crowd. SF police intervened in the Castro, forcefully arresting and beating protestors to the outrage of the neighborhood's denizens."

Contributor Pacifica Radio Archives


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